Goddemus is the confirmed ultimate creator of the universe and also the creator of the Genesis Pulse Cannon.

Goddemus was the first Super Concious Being ever to exist and is said to be the creator of the universe. He discovered that planets and stars exploding caused the universe to implode so he created the Genesis Pulse Cannon to counteract this. Over time, his dark consciousness started to show emerge. This force of darkness ripped itself from Goddemus and manifested itself into a physical form, becoming the Gemma. The Gemma considered itself superior to it's counterpart, and attempted to usurp Goddemus. Feeding it's insatiable appetite for darkness and destruction, the being wished to take control of the GPC, wishing to end the shock cycle effectively destroying the universe.

Gemma faced Goddemus in a legendary battle that would end up with both their defeat. Goddemus defeated Gemma by sealing them both away into an inter-dimensional plane. Upon his "death," Goddemus' remaining Quanta Energy was dispersed into nine dormant bodies known as Leapers that he chose to take over if he ever were to die.

It is unknown if Goddemus is dead or alive inside the mysterious dimension.

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